Powersports Marketing Research for Advanced Planning

The lead-time for developing powersports products (i.e., motorcycles, ATVs, side-by-side utility vehicles and personal watercraft) is measured in years. This makes strategic planning and product design very difficult. A carefully crafted powersports marketing research strategy can provide key direction and insight.

Fourteen years of steady sales growth in the motorcycle and ATV industries has been followed by five consecutive years of sales contraction. So what does the future hold? In addition to lost sales, the powersports playing field itself is changing. Sport bikes and off-road motorcycle sales continue to drop, while less expensive commuter-type scooter sales are on the upswing. And while there has been a devastating drop in ATV sales, there has been incredible growth in the side-by-side industry.

Powersports marketing research is a critical component to a better understanding of the landscape. For a given manufacturer, there are many questions. What is my brand image? What are my strengths and how should I leverage them? What are my weaknesses and should I allocate scarce resources to overcome them? What should my product lineup look like next year and five years after that? What will my competitors’ product lineups look like at that time? What new features and technologies should I offer or avoid? How much should I charge? How do I keep my current customer base happy? How do I attract new ones?

Clarity Research has been finding the answers for powersports marketing research questions since its inception. We live, eat and breathe powersports products. Let us use our methodological expertise to design research protocols to address your toughest questions. Learn more about us at (www.clarityresearch.net).

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