Product Design Research That Keeps You a Step Ahead of Competitors

User-friendly design forms the very foundation of a successful product. Sometimes, the very reason that a manufacturer succumbs to the competition is because of flawed product design and performance. Each company carries out product design research, so what is it that Clarity Research does differently? For one, it is our extensive range of services that suits all types of manufacturers. We closely work on each stage of research, right from preliminary design and execution to analysis and reporting. Over the years, product design related research has emerged as our area of expertise.

Even before we start working on your product design research, we already have an intimate understanding of who your target audience is and what your goals are. Backed by decades of experience, our team knows how to extract the most relevant information from your target audience. We then present you with an accurate picture that helps you make that billion-dollar decision. When manufacturers hire a dedicated automotive marketing research company such as Clarity Research, they expand the power and expertise of their own internal research team.

Our extensive studies focus on various aspects of product design research including concept evaluation, consumer design preferences, strengths, weaknesses, image, pricing and volume assessment. Product clinics are ideal places to conduct new research related to product design because participants can thoroughly engage with the new design in the context of competitive vehicles.

The integration of specialized tools such as adaptive choice-based conjoint analysis and Maxdiff analysis allows us to take a deeper dive into customer needs. The end result is a much better understanding of key product requirements that differentiate between market success and failure.

Lower cost alternatives to product clinics include project designs like automobile event research. At events like races and auto shows, consumers can provide reaction to new product concepts. While these events provide less control over sample design and concept security, they are much more economical because the need for a pre-recruited sample is eliminated.

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