Automobile Event Research – Separating the Facts from the Clutter

An automobile event has the potential to offer accurate market intelligence based on customer feedback. At Clarity Research, we have several years of experience to back our event-based research studies. Our team of interviewers has a finger on the pulse of the automobile market. Depending on the event, we can gather data using high-tech hand-held touch screen computers or the conventional paper and pencil surveys. Automobile event researchis a great way for manufacturers to test their latest products in a clinic-style setting with significant cost benefits. 

Automobile event researchcan be used for other purposes as well. For example, at an auto show, rather than getting feedback on a new product design you may be interested in obtaining customer reaction to your display itself. Or you may want to better understand consumer reaction to a competitor’s highly publicized new introduction.

Automobile event research forms a significant part of our knowledge base. We are adept at gathering, sifting, analyzing and reporting critical data from automotive enthusiasts worldwide. While some manufacturers hire us for display evaluations, others ask us to assist with research related to new product designs, concept vehicles and new technologies.We have conducted an extensive number ofad-hoc projects for automotive and powersports manufacturers throughout the United States over the past quarter century. These events include major car and motorcycle shows, high profile racing events, and enthusiast gatherings such as Camp Jeep, Daytona Bike Week, Laughlin River Run, Americade and Wing Ding.

In addition to this, Clarity Research Clarity Research conducts a proprietary event research study called the Powersports Event Monitor (PEM). This particular powersports event research model is essentially an attendee profile survey that we conduct at vendor-display and racing events. With most attendees having near-term purchase plans, such events help us provide useful data to manufacturers.

Whether it is automotive marketing research, motorcycle marketing researchor other forms ofpowersports marketing research we have the ability to turn complex data around in the shortest possible timeframe.

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